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Strategic Digital Marketing

Do you have a master digital marketing strategy to "win" in the Kenya digital economy ?

You want to take your business to the next level up in terms of revenues, sales and customer levels.

You desire more customers who spend more with your business and keep coming back.

What you need is a strategic digital marketing plan.

We are a digital marketing consultancy in Nairobi specialising in developing strategic digital marketing plans for both business and individuals

Tactical Digital Marketing

What is your tactical digital marketing plan ? Would you like help to make it super effective ?

You get lost trying to understand all the ways in which you can move your business up to the next level.

You are spending advertising and marketing money but none of it seems to bring in the level of additional sales for which you hoped.

We help Kenyan businesses and individuals solve problems like these with professional tactical digital marketing plans and processes

Digital Marketing Audits

How do you measure and know if your digital marketing campaigns are working as hard as possible ?

You've put in time and money to develop a digital business but it isn't performing as you want.

Your digital domains from website to social media should all be working much harder

As professional digital marketers in Kenya we work with businesses to undertake a total Digital Marketing Audit (DMA)

This helps you to understand and verify where the money has gone and how it has contributed to your business digital goals and bottom line

Social Media Marketing

Are you a Kenyan business or individual with a social media problem ?

Does your social media presence leave a lot to be desired ?

Are you unhappy with the engagement you or your business gets from Social Media ?

At Digital Marketers we solve social media problems such as these for businesses and individuals using cutting edge social media tools and techniques to build a positive business and individual profile.

We align your social media tactics with a complete digital marketing strategy suitable for businesses in the Kenya market


Does your Kenyan business sell directly from the page in an online eCommerce store ?

Have you optimised your store to sell locally for instance in Nairobi, nationally in Kenya or perhaps internationally ?

Are prospects buying from your business or do they drop out of the purchase journey before completion ?

Digital marketers solves these types of issues for e-Commerce firms in Kenya.

Starting with a digital marketing audit we evaluate your complete e-commerce offering and make recommendations for enhancing your digital operation helping you convert more visitors into customers

Help & Support

Contact us today for help with all your digital marketing requirements

As professional, Nairobi based digital marketers we are dedicated to helping your business grow.

We undertake to create long lasting and trusted working relationships.

We also train your Kenya based staff in relevant digital marketing technologies and skills through our associates at Nairobi Business Courses