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Tactical Digital Marketing Process

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Who Are We ?

We are a Nairobi based professional digital marketing consultancy


Our Mission

Build relationships that encourage the growth of digital marketing in the Kenya digital space. 

To assist Kenya online businesses and individuals maximise digital marketing goals

What We Do

Our Tactical Digital Marketing Process



Digital marketing starts with a clear understanding of where your business is right now (A) mapped over where you intend it to be (B) in a given timeframe (C)

The components A, B and C are critical to effective digital marketing



Together we define the exact process and goals that will drive what we discovered in A to B over the period C. 

This process varies for every Kenyan digital business and over different time periods in each business



Strategic digital marketing has both a creative and a hard science basis.

Content creation is the creative aspect while the science is based on data analysis. 

Both compliment each other in the overall digital marketing strategy



Once the digital marketing strategy is laid down the technical solution is developed.

The creative content assets are developed, curated or defined to prepare for user engagement.

The technical platforms including data analytics methods are designed and  ready to process the data and drive improvements. 



Deployment is the moment of truth. When the digital hits the marketing.

Each deployment or campaign is judged in terms of its success in converting goals as defined earlier. 

Successful conversions drive your  business towards point B



Delivery is when your business attains point B which is where we started and the cycle starts off once again.

Clearly delivery is not a point in time, rather a moving target with new goals set in motion constantly.

Why Choose Us?

Our digital marketing services are flexible, custom tailored to your Kenyan digital business needs and they are affordable.

The ABC Methodology involves 

A – Audit
B – Brainstorm solutions
C – Cycled digital marketing

At Digital Marketers we develop long term ongoing professional relationships with clients.

This ensures we understand your business as thoroughly as possible and can therefore design and implement custom made digital marketing solutions for your Kenyan business

We offer a consultancy service where we audit your present online digital marketing effort.

We take a comprehensive look at your web site, social media accounts, apps, digital content, platform use and integration, data analytics and SEO qualities.

We then write detailed management reports to help with planning new strategies and improving existing ones. 

Digital marketing has many moving parts which are in constant motion. 

Not all businesses especially in Kenya have the in house skills to keep everything aligned.

We therefore offer digital marketing outsourced services from our Nairobi base.

These include a structured and verifiable process on SEO, content creation, social media management, data analysis and practical integration of the various tactics.

We also implement and maintain the process with periodic reports to identify with management areas for further work.

Our digital marketing consultancy maintains high quality standards at all times with a requirement for ongoing professional development for staff.

Moreover, our sister organisation Nairobi Business Courses offers constant updates for teaching and practical purposes on new techniques, trends and developments in the Kenyan world of digital marketing