Build Trust With Prospects Quickly

Build Trust With Your eCommerce Prospects

Let’s start this post with a simple question.

What is the biggest problem faced by every digital marketer and eCommerce business ? The answer is the subject matter for this post.

If you answered the biggest problem facing any online business is how to earn and keep a prospect’s trust you would be absolutely right. In this post we will learn how to earn AND keep trust and which in turn opens up new and potentially huge marketing possibilities.

Over the years, prospects for goods and services sold online have become battle hardened consumers. Too many false promises mean they no longer trust marketers and marketing claims without putting the digital marketer to a fiery test.

That being said, how do we at Digital Marketers Nairobi help our eCommerce clients convince prospects to become paying customers during their buying journey ?

Step #1 – Make Your First Point Of Contact Count

Your first point of contact with prospects is typically your website. Now it may be true you have touch points with prospects in other ways but in general for an eCommerce business the first meeting point is your website.

Your prospects will judge your products or services by their first and initial impression of your website. This is how they have learned to differentiate between good and poor offers online.

If your website is difficult to navigate, slow to load or in any other way an awkward place to do business the prospect will hit the back button almost immediately.

For this reason we always ensure our client websites work to their advantage by loading quickly, being navigable and having all the information required by the prospect easily available. The prospect will be in one of several stages of their buyer’s journey, and by having a well designed website we help our clients speak to each prospect in relevant terms to the stage they are in their buying journey.

Such initial, clearly defined and positive touch points also start the trust building process

Step #2 – Products, Pricing, Promises and Personality

At Digital Marketers in Nairobi we use 4 P’s for building trust with prospects


The products you sell on your eCommerce store or the services you provide must be the best quality possible. As an online eCommerce business you must add value and solve problems for your prospects with quality merchandise.


Products must be priced at a fair value for the producer whether that is yourself or a third party and the consumer. Over pricing products is a self defeating tactic because prospects these days do a great deal of research in the consideration stage of their buyers journey before deciding to buy from you. Exorbitant pricing invites your competition to under cut your price base and attract price sensitive customers away from you.


Your literature and website copy must be accurate and reflect the genuine benefits of your products and services. This does not mean you should be unduly modest, by all means make big claims, but make sure you can prove and demonstrate anything you promise.

Any guarantees you give must be solid and dependable in the event the customer needs to exercise a claim on that guarantee


Inject your personality into your contact with prospects. People love to do business with people they know. Tell your business story or what we at Digital Marketers Nairobi call the extended elevator pitch to your site visitors.

People love stories and it makes your business more believable and worthy of trust than a faceless organisation that has nothing personal to say to its prospects.

Step #3 – Communication

So you have made the first point of contact friendly and informative. Now you must develop secondary communication channels with your prospects.

There are several ways to do this which include :

a) A sequential email autoresponder set up with relevant eMail messages sent to your double opt-In prospects at regular AND frequent intervals.

b) A newsletter sent to subscribers with useful information

c) Remarketing adverts that lead your prospects to specially created landing pages where additional information and offers are available for those who become paying customers

Communication is two way traffic, even as you provide this secondary information and content via eMail, newsletters and specially crafted landing pages you must also invite commentary back from your prospects and listen to what they have to say.

Acting positively on such information is a guaranteed way to develop a trust relationship with prospects.

Step #4 – Social Proof

People always seek comfort that they are doing the right thing in their buying decisions. Use social proof and testimonials that review your products and services hopefully in a positive light to lend credibility and give prospects confidence and trust that they are doing the right thing buying from your business.

If you do not have testimonials or social proof there are a few ways in which you can obtain these and build credibility for a new business selling new products or services :

a) Give a few samples away to a test group in return for the testimonial

b) Use functionality disabled or time barred samples as demo versions which you can give away to prospects for testimonials

c) Develop fully functional modules with less features than the standard product and give those away to prospects in return for reviews

d) Develop e-courses and other training programs showing prospects the benefits and training them in how to use and consume your products and services and asking for reviews

Step #5 – Service

Your prospect’s Trust is very hard earned. But this is as nothing when compared to retaining the trust.

Once a prospect becomes a customer, too many marketers make the mistake of taking that customer for granted. Post sales service is a crunch time for cementing the Trust you won with such effort.

Make sure you stay in touch with your new customer. Offer them advice and help in the use of their new product or service. Make sure any potential issues are dealt with before they escalate. Be available and within easy contact for your customers and prospects.

At Digital Marketers Nairobi we map prospect buying journeys and develop strategies to meet that at each touch point in order to drive them down the funnel converting them into paying customers. This involves building effective trust relationships for your business and your prospects.

These five steps are key to trust building.

You cannot manufacture or in any way manipulate trust – Trust is the one thing in your business that must be earned the Hard Way.

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