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What Can Digital Marketers Nairobi Do For Your Business ?

Digital Marketers Nairobi is a full service digital marketing consultancy based in Nairobi, Kenya. Very often when pitching for new work a question we get is “What can digital marketers Nairobi do for our business ?”

In this post we intend to give an answer to that question knowing full well that each business interaction with a client organization is unique and therefore deserves individual attention and decisions based on its own merit. However, being a digital marketing consultancy there are a number of services and qualities that we bring to all clients and it is these that form the basis for this post.

In order to understand what we can do for your business, it is important we start with our own origins so you understand what drives us as a consultancy and what our objectives are as digital marketers.

Lets us therefore start with a brief bio of our founder and CEO

1) Our Roots

Our founder and CEO, Kangethe Mbugua has been involved in traditional print and media marketing as well as digital marketing for over two decades since the early 2000’s. He is a published author of numerous marketing related articles many of which are to be found in online directories.

Starting out as an ICT project manager, he started taking an interest in marketing and digital marketing whilst based in the UK. Eventually on his return to Kenya he headed up a long established marketing agency known as Marketing Communications Ltd or MCL.

Having worked in the UK digital marketing space he was well placed to observe the growth and development of digital marketing in the Kenyan business sector. In particular he was able to identify the trajectory or path of growth and so it was no surprise he set up Digital Marketers Nairobi in order to be at the forefront of the growth of the sector. His experience from a more mature market greatly informed and continues to inform his management of our business.

The three guiding principles of Digital marketers Nairobi are professionalism, building long term, high service quality business relationships and the advancement of your Kenyan business through application of current best practice in digital marketing and advertising.

These principles are the essence of what we bring to your business. You can read more by clicking HERE

You now understand our roots but how does this relate to what we do for your business ?

2) Professional Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing services fall under four broad headings. Let us review each briefly

a) Digital Commerce

Our digital commerce services help your business with design and development of highly converting websites, mobile device marketing for smartphones and tablets and eCommerce marketing strategies. These services are aimed at the growing your digital trading business.

b) Digital Marketing

These services are specifically aimed at developing your business paid marketing strategies. Here we build your Search Engine marketing, shopping ads for online retailers and display advertising for brand development and “top of mind” recall. Within this grouping of services we also provide the key marketing component of Social Media Marketing including both free strategies and paid social advertising.

c) Digital Optimization

For website Optimization requirements, we bring the following services to your business. Search engine Optimization for better ranking websites and higher organic visibility on the major search engines. Additionally we provide analytics for more informed business decisions based on insights and data collected from your digital ecosystem. We can also help you optimize your content, email and other channel strategies in order to reach your target audience more efficiently and effectively.

d) Digital Strategy

Our digital strategy services are about developing road maps for your business digital plans. Under this heading we provide audit services to analyse where your digital planning is currently. We then take your business needs and goals and develop a road map or digital strategies to advance the business to those desired goals. We help to develop your overall web presence and thereby grow your business.

3) Long Term, High Quality Service Relationships

At Digital Marketers Nairobi a guiding business principle is the development of long lasting relationships based on high quality professional service delivery to all our clients.

We have experience of dealing with businesses in sectors as various as hospitality, motor vehicles, retail and food services. The business sizes of our clients fall into the grouping known as MSME’s. For all these clients and sectors we bring professionalism to each individual client and develop a working relationship that lasts for longer than any single project.

Long term relationships allow us to become embedded in your business and thereby we understand your business goals and drivers intimately. This understanding is a critical and first component of developing a successful digital marketing strategy.

A key feature of the services we bring to your business is our ability to listen to your requirements, understand them and then design solutions. We explain the solutions and rationale to you before we develop them and constantly monitor them for effectiveness in driving towards your business outcomes.

As part of the high quality service we bring to your business as digital marketing consultants, we ensure our staff and associates are professionally qualified and have strong continuous professional development.

This is your assurance and guarantee that we will follow current best practice and that we are up to date with developments in the digital marketing and advertising sector.

This post has explored the general ways in which digital marketers Nairobi adds value to your Kenyan business. However, we recognize the general position is not enough and we therefore encourage you to contact us at https://digitalmarketers.co.ke for a free 2 hour consultation to see how we can be of direct and specific help you your own business.

Digital Marketers in Nairobi https://digitalmarketers.co.ke is a one stop shop for best of class full digital marketing consultancy services in Kenya.

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