How To Understand A Prospect’s Mind

How To Understand A Prospect’s Mind For More Conversions

Have no doubt that as a marketer you are competing with others in your sector or industry where the ultimate prize is converting prospects into money paying customers.

In this post we will look at how to get into your prospect’s mind to find out what it is they want. By giving it to them you stand a higher chance of converting them into your customers and increasing your sales.

1 – Prospects Are Individuals

Prospects are individuals and like all individuals they prefer to be treated as such. They find it lacking in respect to be lumped together into groups for the purposes of being marketed to generically.

The first thing in understanding your prospect is to respect their individuality when it comes to marketing.

Using pronouns like “you” and first names in email marketing goes a long way to customising marketing so even generic messages become tailored to the individual.

This may seem like a small detail but at Digital Marketers Nairobi we are only too keenly aware that it is the small things in digital marketing that make the big difference. Treat each prospect as far as possible as an indivuidual. From the moment you draw up your prospect persona to when you engage them in remarketing and retargeting they should be individuals in your marketing strategy and not an amorphous group.

It is important that you understand with some exceptions buying decisions are made by people on the basis of emotional and intellectual reasoning in that order.

This means they have to engage emotionally and only then intellectually with your brand before they decide to become customers. Emotional engagement happens when you treat a prospect as an individual rather than as a number in a group.

2 – ELBOW Psychological and Emotional Triggers

Your eCommerce and online business has a “Most Desired Action” (MDA) that you want your prospects to take when they visit your website and engage with you on your web presence.

To guide and influence your prospects towards the MDA you must understand ELBOW

E – Effort

Prospects are always seeking options that enable them to live life and work with the least amount of effort. Anything that promises a reduction in effort is a powerful trigger towards your MDA and call to action.

L – Loss

Psychologists and researchers have long understood the trigger that fear of loss has on influencing on behaviour . Prospects want solutions that prevent or limit potential losses in their life. Your product or service must be narrated in a manner that makes it a solution to possible loss.

Loss need not be tangible such as money or property. Prospects fear the loss of intangible things such as reputation or happiness just as much.

B – Benefits (Non Material)

Benefits promised by your product or service can also trigger behaviour towards your MDA.

The triggers under the subheading benefits are in general non-material benefits or “gains” that originate from actions taken directly by the prospect.

You must lead your prospect towards a desired MDA by asking them to take action that delivers them benefits. This is the opposite of the loss group of triggers. Here they are actively gaining from action rather than avoiding loss.

By inviting the prospect to take action on the promise of a benefit to them they may move towards your MDA

O – Outer Benefits (Non Material)

These triggers are very similar to the benefits group we have just looked at. They also promise non-material benefits and gains, but this time for actions the prospect has no control over.

For instance they may crave recognition as an authority by peer groups or social acceptance. Many prospects will make buying decisions based on the trigger of helping them improve their social standing amongst peers.

W – Wealth (Material Benefits)

Into this group fall all other triggers that promise benefits of a material type

The promise wealth and income building opportunities are all powerful incentives to action towards your MDA

3 – Profile Your Prospect In Detail

In point one we saw that is critical to try as far as possible to treat every prospect as an individual.

Here we now look at how to generate high quality engagements and involvement with prospects by understanding the detailed profile or persona of those prospects

You must achieve an intimate level of involvement with your prospects. You need to understand your prospect’s age, background, her history, education, career, hopes and fears. Use research, your imagination and experiences to build a detailed profile persona about her.

Remember, as you profile your prospect have in mind a single individual – do not try to profile a group.

Such a profiling allows you to create individual marketing assets that talk directly to the individual leading them to your MDA

4 – List Product Benefits and Features

We have already looked at benefits under the ELBOW triggers. Your prospect is more interested in the warm benefits than the cold features of your product or service.

A feature is “an attribute or quality” of the product or service. These can be qualities such as colour, sharpness, or construction material.

A benefit is “a service or function” the product or service delivers to the user. For instance speeding up a process, or making an activity, task or job easier.

Prospects respond to benefits more than they do to features. In your marketing material on your website or emails you should spend roughly 70% of the copy on benefits and 30% or less on features.

5 – Headlines In Marketing

Getting into your prospect’s mind involves using advertising assets with headlines because this is the first thing they often see in communications from you or when they visit your website.

Headlines can be formatted as :

Command type – “Do Not Make This Mistake……”

Question type – “Do you want to become wealthier ?”

Announcement type – “Get this product today before it goes on general sale”

Coaching – “We can help you recover from your loss….”

Write as many headlines as you can and format them in the different types we have just seen and then choose what you think of as being the best ones. These are the ones you will use in your marketing literature on your website and advertising assets.

6- Write Copy For Your Prospects – Like A Master Storyteller.

Using the ELBOW action triggers and the best headlines you have come up with in the previous step you are now ready to start moving your prospects to your MDA.

Weave an individual story for your prospect around your product or service and detail its ELBOW benefits to them. Inject passion, persuasion, emotion and honesty into the assets so your profiled prospect beolieves it is aimed at them and makes them want to engage and take your MDA.

Use your ELBOW action triggers, prospect profile and product benefits to weave a story that captures your prospects mind.

This is the goal you started out to achieve and a story incorporating these features is how you do it. Story telling is one of many mind motivators that capture your prospect’s mind and attention.

7 – Ask For “Most Desired Action” – MDA

Finally don’t forget to ask for your “Most Desired Action.” This may be :

a) Getting the prospect to subscribe to a newsletter or mailing list.

b) Getting a physical cash sale.

c) Getting feedback and comments or reviews for use as testimonials and social proof on your web presence

d) Getting contributions, donations or other help.

Whatever it is, you must ask for it in clear explicit terms.

Use the tactics described here to get into your prospects’ minds. As a side bar always test each detail from ELBOW action triggers, benefits, headlines, prospect profile, and product or service offer until you have a mind capturing process in your competitive arsenal.

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