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Affiliate Marketing Online Workshop

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Affiliate marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy because of its power to leverage and access established audiences from collaborations with other business owners.

The Problem

Creating your own customer base for your business products is a difficult and long term, never ending project. Attracting prospects that you can market to is one of the biggest headaches for any new startup or small business

Affiliate marketing is an important tactic in solving this audience reach problem for businesses

The Solution – We Cover :

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing ?
  2. How To Set Up An Affiliate Marketing Program
  3. Do’s and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing
  4. Pros & Cons Of Affiliate Marketing
  5. FREE 30 minutes consultation after the end of the workshop


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Affiliate Marketing Allows Your Business To Market Products and Services with LOW Budget, LOW Effort, LOW Risk and LOW Time Cost

Affiliate marketing is an underutilized digital marketing strategy which can effectively reduce your marketing budget cost, lower your effort to market and cut down on marketing risks.

And how does it do all these wonderful things ?

“These benefits are a consequence of marketing that is highly targeted and effective. Businesses are able to identify a target market and select the perfect set of representatives that’ll suit the brand.”

All small and startup businesses that sell their own branded products and services must have this marketing strategy in their arsenal of digital strategies to enhance and grow the business.

The idea behind affiliate marketing is to leverage the power of networks and collaborations with other businesses.

They market your products or service to their own similar audiences and for every sale they make you pay them an agreed fee.

Nothing could be simpler.

However as a small business you need how to set up the perfect affiliate program and importantly learn how to manage the program and all your affiliates for a harmonious working relationship.

This is where this affiliate marketing strategy workshop comes into play.

How to build a highly effective affiliate marketing strategy and program

This affiliate marketing workshop will provide you with an understanding of  what an affiliate program is and how you can set about recruiting the best fit brand ambassadors for your products and services.

You will also learn to administer the program and how to manage the affiliates in a structured and professional program with value to all participants including your small or startup business.

By finding the correct partners for your affiliate program you ensure their audiences are exactly as you would like to find directly but haven’t done so yet.

The marketing costs are borne by your affiliates and there is little risk to your business because you only pay the affiliates after you have been paid by their referral.

This is a massively important digital marketing strategy.

Book your seat on this workshop today and make a QUANTIFIABLE difference to how your digital strategies benefit your business



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