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Content Marketing Online Workshop

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Content is The King Digital Marketing Strategy

Your business will succeed based on the strength of how it interacts using text, images, video and audio with your target audience, clients and customers.

These interactions are all content based and this is why you must have a content marketing strategy

The Problem

Content creation is difficult, time consuming and often neglected by small businesses.

They do not have in house content creators and paying for outsourced services can be expensive depending on the scope of the brief.

The Solution – We Cover :

  1. What is Content Marketing ?
  2. Forms Of Content Marketing
  3. Do’s and Don’ts of Content Marketing
  4. Optimizing Content For Visibility and Lead Generation
  5. FREE 30 minutes consultation after the workshop


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Differentiate Your Business From The Rest With A Robust High Quality Content Marketing Strategy

Any and all communication from your business to customers, prospects and your target audience is content.

Successful businesses do not rely on guesswork to create attention grabbing content.

A robust and detailed content marketing strategy is critical to determine the message and tone in which you interact with your target audience at every stage in their buyer’s journey.

Think back to your own online experiences with brands and businesses.

The one’s that linger in your mind or which you decide to engage with have clear, vibrant and compelling content delivered to you in formats that you like and approve. They also  get as personalized in their messaging as possible to make you feel involved as a customer and not just a number.

This does not happen by accident and behind the often simple effective messages is a great content marketing strategy.

Whether you are communicating with your audience on your website blog, social media platforms of third party online assets you must be structured and have a strategy.

This is where this content marketing strategy workshop comes into play.

How to create and use robust high quality content marketing strategies correctly

This content marketing workshop will provide you with an understanding of the range of content marketing possibilities and how to construct a strategy that effectively reaches your target audience with suitable content for their stage in the buyer’s journey.

Content marketing really is king. But the queen is a strategy to deliver to your target audience so they associate and identify with your small or startup business and brand.

Turning prospects into paying customers requires communication that resonates. Learn how to deliver this on this workshop.

Book your seat on this workshop today and make a POWERFUL difference to how your digital strategies benefit your business



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