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eCommerce Marketing Workshop

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COVID has made it critically important for people setup new income streams, under their direct influence.

eCommerce has proven, powerful strengths as a business model.

The Problem

Being an employee is precarious and the pandemic has demonstrated many risks associated with being in paid employment and not having independent alternative income streams.

Starting your own business is a difficult, expensive and risky proposition.

So what are your options ?

The Solution – We Cover :

  1. eCommerce types
  2. How To Set Up An eCommerce business for under 10K KShs
  3. Do’s and Don’ts of eCommerce Marketing
  4. Pros & Cons Of eCommerce Marketing
  5. FREE 30 minutes consultation after the workshop


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Achieve Employment Independence With The Least Risk Possible Through eCommerce Marketing Strategies

eCommerce is a huge marketing and business model, globally currently worth over 4.9 Trillion USD.

Estimates by Oberlo suggest that by 2025 the global eCommerce marketing business will exceed 7 Trillion USD

The growing ecommerce market share should come as no surprise, given the increased accessibility and affordability of mobile devices, as well as increased internet access an underutilized digital marketing strategy which can effectively reduce your marketing budget cost, lower your effort to market and cut down on marketing risks.

eCommerce is still relatively under developed in Kenya although that is changing fast.

The eCommerce business model helps many young entrepreneurs and people seeking alternative employment to set up in thriving businesses with considerable new income streams.

eCommerce is here to stay. As an entrepreneur either at early startup stage or with a small but going concern you must use this channel to grow and ensure your business matures and lasts into the long term.

The eCommerce marketing workshop shows you the key things you need to understand about the business model.

The biggest plus of this workshop is learning how to go about setting up your own eCommerce business for no more than 10,000 Kenya Shs.

Yes. Your very own functional and working business in eCommerce for 10K Kshs.

This eCommerce workshop will equip you with understanding of the model and knowledge of how to setup your own eCommerce business.

We will cover the digital infrastructure, the supply and logistics chains, the customer and lead generation problem, the marketing and many other business related issues.

At the end of the workshop you should be able to write up an eCommerce strategy plan to create your own new business within the next few months for under 10k Kshs

Book your seat on this workshop today and become employment and financially independent using an eCommerce digital strategy for your business



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