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Search Engine Marketing Online Workshop

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Search Marketing is a highly efficient way for new startups and small businesses to reach market audiences and stay “top of mind.”

The Problem

Search Engine Marketing can be a money pit if used incorrectly.
There are many forms of search marketing and you must use the ones that best meet your business goals.

But do you know which ones are best ?

You must configure the campaigns correctly so that your intended marketing objectives are achieved without wasting money.

How do you do this configuration ?

The Solution – We Cover :

  1. What is Search Marketing ?
  2. Formats Of Search Marketing
  3. Do’s and Don’ts of Search Marketing
  4. Introduction To Setting Up A Search Marketing Campaign
  5. FREE 30 minutes consultation after the workshop


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Grow Your Small Business With Inexpensive Search Marketing

Startup and small businesses often do not have large marketing budgets. Yet reaching potential clients and customers cannot be an entirely costless exercise.

This is where understanding and implementing inexpensive search engine marketing strategies comes into play.

The founder of Digital Marketers Nairobi who hosts our digital strategy workshops started his marketing career in traditional forms of marketing before moving into digital marketing.

He says “The marketing budget for any business is one which must be protected, optimized and configured to deliver best return on investment.

What this means in simple language is your business must be allocated a marketing budget which must be used strategically to ensure it delivers more leads and converts into more paying customers and clients.

Working backwards from the end goal of a successful business we see :

  1. Your small business thrives on the strength of how full the sales pipeline is and how many of the prospects are being converted into customers.
  2. The sales pipeline and leads is populated most efficiently by search marketing

Learn how to keep your sales funnel full with enquiries

This search engine marketing workshop is aimed at delivering an understanding of the different forms of search marketing available, when and how to use them and importantly how to keep costs manageable so that your marketing budget delivers appropriate Return On Investment (ROI)

The depth and breadth of your sales funnel determines how successful your small or startup business will become.

Search marketing is the single best way to ensure a deep and broad sales funnel.

A practical yet inexpensive search marketing strategy is what you will learn on this workshop.

Book your seat on this workshop today and make a SUCCESSFUL difference to how your digital strategies benefit your business



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