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Website – The Core Online Workshop

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This workshop module identifies the central role played by a well designed and implemented business website.

The Problem

A poorly conceived, designed, developed or implemented website will cost your business money and in the long term will not produce the Return on Investment (ROI) to cover the investment in this valuable business asset.

The Solution – We Cover :

  1. The different types of business website.
  2. Where each is best used
  3. Design and development features that can make or break the effectiveness of a business website
  4. FREE 30 minutes consultation after the workshop
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Does It Bother You That Your Website Is Underperforming ?

Your young business cannot afford to have a poorly performing website that does not convert users into customers

That is a waste of money !

Anyone who has started a business in the last 5 years knows the pain of spending money on websites, social media campaigns and other digital marketing strategies that do not perform as expected.

Let us cut you in on a secret. The problem is not the strategies but rather how they are implemented

At Digital Marketers we feel your pain because we too have been there. We are here to help you get your digital marketing strategies implemented correctly.

This time you will be in charge by having the necessary knowledge and information to either implement the strategies yourself or ensure your provider does the job correctly.

This and other workshops we offer at Digital Marketers Nairobi will give you that knowledge and information to ensure your digital marketing strategies are implemented correctly from now on.

This workshop on websites is the core and center of your business digital footprint. This is the most important piece in your business digital marketing strategy.

Book your seat on this workshop today and start to make a SUCCESS difference to how your digital strategies benefit your business



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